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A Founder Story

It may, at first glance, seem strange to draw synergy between the disciplines of acting and the crafting of efficacious beauty and wellbeing products, but as Dominic Hawksley will tell you, from his 30 years as a professional actor, they are more aligned than you might think. 

Creating a believable, cohesive, rounded character to resonate with an audience, does indeed parallel with creating an Olverum product; every part contributing to the purpose, a level of complexity that considers the feeling that you are left with as well as the physical benefits. From the profile of blended aromatic oils to the ingredients in the formula – like a good dramatic performance, it is the ensemble that creates the piece.

This attention to finite detail, a meticulous and unfaltering commitment to the quality, defines Dominic’s approach to evolving the heritage of Olverum. 

From an early age, Dominic was surrounded by fragrance. Both parents Michael and Betty Hawksley, (pictured above) were immersed in the industry and pioneered a retail experience “Les Senteurs”, dedicated to artisan, niche fragrance brands. This gave him exposure to complex, exploratory scents unrestricted by commercial considerations, created through passion. 

These early connections to the art of scent, have formed the cornerstones of his journey so far with Olverum. 

The brand was known for decades purely on a one-dimensional level, as ‘the Bath Oil’. Now, under the careful curation of Dominic and his team; through gutsy instinct, dedication to efficacy and pure passion, the iconic brand has been elevated. Today’s collection delivers high performance products for the whole body which can be used in tandem to create a moment of restorative relaxation. Indeed, with the mission to “Restore Your Essential You”, every product must fulfil that promise above all else to stay true to the brand’s holistic approach to product development. 

Built on pillars of Botanical Cosmetic Science, Aromachology, and Aromatherapy, Olverum creates self care rituals designed to enrich lives; to bestow a centred-self, positivity, and balance.

As it was then and always will be.

Our heritage – your wellbeing.